How do I enroll my child in the school?

Dates and locations for upcoming Enrollment Information Sessions are posted on this website as well as advertised throughout the Haverhill community via a number of media outlets.  In order to place a child's name on the enrollment list at least one parent or caregiver needs to attend, sign-in and receive an enrollment packet at an enrollment information session.These sessions are designed to inform interested families about the Montessori philosophy, give facts about charter schools and specifics about HVM school life and culture. Enrollment Forms are only available at these sessions.  

How do I get involved?

HVM welcomes parent and community involvement! Volunteers are needed in many areas. To volunteer, call, write or email, regardless of your experience in this type of project. Please note that children of volunteers (including Founders and Trustees) do not receive preference for enrollment in any way.

How do I learn more about the school?

Further information can be found on this school web site or, by calling or emailing.

How long will my child be able to attend HVM?

Students will be able to remain at HVM until they graduate 8th grade.

Is this kind of school good for my child?

Montessori schools work well for a variety of children because they provide a non-competitive environment where each student learns at his/her own pace. The decision to attend HVM depends on the particular child and family; some find a Montessori setting to be a perfect match while others prefer a more traditional learning environment.

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a tuition-free public school that is governed by a Board of Trustees functioning under the supervision of the Massachusetts Department of Education. 

What is Montessori education?

Students work in mixed-age classes and stay in the same classroom for three years. Students are taught individually or in small groups and are allowed to learn at their own pace. The daily schedule incorporates a long uninterrupted work period. During this time, students receive individual instruction from the teacher, work with groups or partners on projects, or work alone practicing and progressing with their skills. The environment is non-competitive and fosters children's self-esteem and self-confidence.

What is the tuition cost?

Charter schools are FREE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. There is no tuition charge.

Where is the school located?

The school is located at 75 Foundation Avenue in the Ward Hill Business Park, Haverhill MA.

Who can attend HVM?

Any Haverhill resident may apply to the HVM charter school and will receive priority over other Massachusetts applicants. If the number of children who apply to a charter school is greater than the number of openings, a public lottery must be held.

Who will teach the children?

All classrooms at HVM will have a lead teacher and an assistant teacher, providing one teacher for every 12 children. All HVM lead teachers will have Massachusetts' certification or pass the Massachusetts Educator Licensure Test within their first year of employment. In addition, lead teachers will have Montessori training and certification.

Is there bus transportation to the school?

Yes. Haverhill-residing students will be bused to the school following the same guidelines as other Haverhill public schools.