Charter Public School Funding

For each child that enrolls in a Massachusetts charter school, the charter school receives a tuition amount from the State equal to the per-pupil amount that the child's sending district funds the local school.  The State then deducts the same amount from the sending district's state aid account. Like other public schools, Commonwealth charter schools are eligible to receive federal and state grant funds the same as traditional district public schools; including Special Education, Title 1, and Safe and Drug Free Schools.

Commonwealth charter schools may also apply for private grants and receive contributions  And, in fact, most charter schools rely on fundraising to offset their costs.

Charter Schools are not Eligible for School Building Assistance
The charter school statute states, "no school building assistance funds shall be awarded to a Commonwealth charter school for the purpose of constructing, reconstructing, or improving said school." The Massachusetts Legislature, however, has included a small per pupil facilities component as part of the tuition paid to charter schools.  This facilities stipend has helped charter schools offset some of their facilities costs.  Unfortunately, every year, this facilities stipend is revisited as part of the State's budgeting process and is at risk of being repealed.  

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