Core Values

Preeminent Public Montessori
Provide a free Montessori education enhanced to ensure alignment with the MA Curriculum Frameworks
Promote high levels of student achievement
Measure achievement in multiple ways and use assessment data to inform instruction
Promote a school wide culture of respect, open and honest communication, high expectations, and continuous growth through self-reflection
Welcome learners representative of the diversity in Haverhill, including socio-economic, cultural, and learning needs and styles

Holistic Student Development
Support students’ personal, social, and academic development
Engage students in activities that teach them how to be competent, caring contributors to our community
Model and promote Montessori values of grace, courtesy, respect, and responsibility
Teach cooperative learning and conflict resolution skills
Respect each student’s unique learning style by individually tailoring learning supports
Foster students love for learning
Encourage students to take ownership for their academic and personal development

School-strengthening Collaboration
Create teacher-parent-student partnerships to support student learning
Involve and vest parents, teachers, and students in the school’s decision making process and volunteer efforts
Develop partnerships with local agencies, community service organizations, and businesses to enhance children’s health and learning (e.g. internships, service learning, etc)
Share information and best practices with other educators and community members

High Quality Staff
Require lead teachers to hold Montessori certification and to obtain highly qualified status
Educate all staff regarding Montessori philosophy and HVM curriculum, culture and processes
Maintain high standards for accomplished teaching and learning, and provide adequate compensation