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A slice of life at HVM

Hill View worked in partnership with the Haverhill Public Schools to share some of its techniques for differentiated instruction using Montessori curriculum and materials.  Through a MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education grant, Hill View provided professional development, mentoring and selected Montessori math materials to Haverhill’s Pentucket Lake School.  In addition, Hill View created a manual about selected Montessori lessons and produced video footage of sample lessons being taught.  Below are video clips of authentic Montessori math lessons being taught and a summary video of Pentucket Lake School’s experiences


One School's Implementation of
Montessori Methods

Lesson 1

Stamp Game

Video 2

Stamp Game
Division Problem 2

Video 3

Stamp Game

Video 4

Stamp Game
Dynamic Addition

Video 5

Stamp Game
Simple One Digit Division

Video 6

Geometric Solids
Naming the Solids Using Games

Video 7

Geometric Solids
Naming the Solids

Video 8

Geometric Solids
Three Part Matching Cards

Video 9

Subtraction Finger Charts
with Cut Combinations

Video 10

Bingo Game

Video 11

Bead Bars Multiplication

Video 12

Multiplication Memorization
Bead Bars-Squares of Numbers

Video 13

Multiplication Memorization
Bead Bars-Factors of a Product