Typical Day

A Typical School Day 

School starts at 8:30 am and students arrive either by bus or carpool to be greeted at the door.  

After proceeding to their classroom, students typically meet in "circle". 

At the elementary levels, the typical day would then include an extended morning work cycle during which time students would receive individualized or small group lessons from their teacher and work on assignments either alone or in small groups.  In keeping with Montessori principles, the morning work cycle is “sacred” in order to allow students long blocks of time to become fully engaged with their work. 

The work cycle is typically followed by recess and then lunch.  Children eat in their classrooms as a means of strengthening the classroom community. 

In the afternoon, students are involved in “specials”.  The majority of specials (including art, music and fitness) are held in the afternoon.  The specials are held for varying lengths of time depending on which special it is.  Art, for example, is better practiced in longer blocks of time while fitness serves a child better if it is offered more frequently for a shorter amount of time.