Health and Family Services


HVM employs a full time nurse who is available on-site.  In addition to administering to daily health needs of HVM students, she oversees a number of general health-related services including vision, hearing and postural screenings. 

Hill View is committed to providing students with healthy and nutritious meals.  We look for food service providers who can meet our pricing and quality needs. 

Counseling Services

HVM employes a full time licensed social worker who provides support to students and families to facilitate students' ability to perform and function effectively in the classroom.  Services include various social skills/support groups, some limited individual counseling and coordination with relevant agencies within the local community.  

The School Counselor works closely with HVM staff members to consider behavior plans for some students as well as devising and implementing a behavior model for the school community as a whole.  The School Counselor is available for crisis intervention as needed and is a member of the Emergency Crisis Response Team.